Compass Constructions Made Easy

First up, an easy one: draw a circle!

circle 1circle 2circle 3circle 4circle 5

Okay, next is a classic: the perpendicular bisector.

perp 1perp 2perp 3perp 4

All right, another standby: the angle bisector.

angle 1angle 2angle 3angle 4angle 5

Let’s try for a fancy one now: the regular 17-gon.

gon 1gon 2gon 3Image (7)

Here, to change things up: a Venn diagram.

Venn 1Venn 2Venn 3

And how about a real challenge: the Cantor ternary set!

cantor 1cantor 2cantor 3

11 thoughts on “Compass Constructions Made Easy

  1. Homework:

    Now that have shown how to bisect an angle. How do you trisect an angle? Work this out over the weekend and be prepared to demonstrate your techniques in class on Monday.

  2. Thanks for the laugh! Made my day. Wish I had this before my four day unit on compass construction. Would have made lesson planning easier :).

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