I enjoy speaking gigs!

Logistics will be easier the closer you are to my home base in Northampton, MA, but if you’ve got funding for speakers’ travel expenses, I’m always open to talking it through.

Photo by Rayleen Tritt of Meraki Photo Inc.

Past and planned talks include:


  • Numbers We Cannot Name: Irrationality, Transcendence, and Beyond
  • Good Mathematician vs. Great Mathematician: How to Tweak a Myth
  • Ultimate Tic-Tac-Toe: Mathematics as an Infinite Game
  • Out-range-ous: Estimation as a Life Skill
  • Barbarians at the Gate of Science: The P-Value Crisis
  • Then 10 People You Meet In Line for the Lottery: Expected Value and Its Limits
  • Death to the Quadratic Formula: Or, Long Live the Quadratic Formula!
  • The Tower of Reason: Euclidean Geometry as a Model for Thinking

Rather than giving off-the-rack talks, I always prefer to hear what you’re looking to accomplish, and to make the experience as engaging/interactive as the scenario allows.

I’ve spoken to audiences of:

  • Math teachers
  • Prospective teachers
  • High schoolers
  • Middle schoolers
  • Undergraduate-schoolers

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a talk, just email the name of the blog at gmail.