Author’s Choice

Here are some of my most popular posts, in no particular order:

20 - end game

And here are some that I’m particularly fond of:

20 - me with euclid

You might also check out Bear in the Moonlight, a seven-post series of probability fables.

3 - quote

Also, I was lucky enough to cover the Heidelberg Laureate Forum in Germany in September 2016, and got to hear from some wonderful mathematicians, old and young.


10 thoughts on “Author’s Choice

    • Hmm… I just checked it and the links seem to be directing to the right places. Try it again and let me know if it’s still causing problems?

      And good luck with the MOOC! I’m always amazed how much a second time through things can help.

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  2. Hi. I discovered this page whilst comparing British and American maths/math symbols. What a laugh/gas(?). Please keep it up, I appreciate your humour/humor. Thanks!

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