The Math with Bad Drawings Reader Survey!

EDIT 11/27/2017: The survey is now closed. Thanks so much to the nearly 1,000 people who took it during the week. I’m looking forward to reading your thoughts!

And in case you were wondering, here’s how that first question (“Thanks for taking this survey!”) turned out:

survey result

Original Post:

Today, I have a request for you: I’d like some waffles, please.

But in lieu of a crenelated syrup castle, I would gratefully accept your taking 3 minutes to fill out this quick reader survey.

I am super grateful for those who take the time to look at this blog and verify that its drawings are, indeed, bad. I would love to know more about why folks come here, what they seek, and if they’d like T-shirts.

All survey participants will be entered into a drawing for the prize of my affections, in which 100% of entrants shall win.

Link here, or you can find it embedded below:

16 thoughts on “The Math with Bad Drawings Reader Survey!

  1. I’m having trouble finding a link for the survey. I’ve tried reloading the pages and rolling my cursor over the picture and literally every word. Is anyone else having a problem? Am I missing something incredibly obvious?

    1. Hey, sorry to have brought extra frustration to your life!

      Seems like the embedded survey loaded funny in mobile. I’ll try to see if I can clean it up. Let me know if there’s anything specific I can look at fixing for you.

    1. Definitely! Not all the details, but some of the interesting bits. So far I’ve been working on turning the “What site do you consider most similar to MWBD?” into a links page for the top menu.

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