Limericks for Mathematicians



20 thoughts on “Limericks for Mathematicians

  1. Some think that math’s just too mental,
    and feel math’s the opposite of gentle.
    But to them I say nay,
    mathematics? Hooray!
    I see it, like pi, transcendental.

  2. Great post. I now am writing math limericks and getting great reactions from both math people and non-math people. A lot of fun! Thank you. Again another great post!!

  3. Here are some, which you inspired me to write:

    Two circles surrounding a square
    Was more than the poor thing could bear.
    It made itself fetal
    ‘Til planar was hedral.
    Cylindrical nets are a snare!

    Isometry! Great celebration!
    But tragedy followed elation,
    When off of the grid
    The image got slid.
    The pre-image — Lost in translation.

    A circle can hardly afford
    To argue with segments, good Lord!
    When a disc meets a line
    It is far more refined
    When instead it is seeking a chord.

  4. Love this!!! I’m an English teacher but I’m going to share this with my math teacher friends

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