stache 1

Timeless. Elegant. Quadratic.

stache 2

Note: It should approach infinite steepness as it nears your lip.

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Life, in Coordinate Planes

with gratitude to Dan Meyer and apologies to Randall Munroe

NOTE: These are 100% subjective and 110% definitive.

grid 1

Historians will look back at this period and ask, “What mass lunacy gripped these people, that so many of them sought pleasure in running long distances?” Their books will have titles like “The 21st-Century Illness: How Marathons Brought Civilization on the Brink” and “26-Mile Masochism: Had They Not Heard of Cars and Bicycles?” and “Running in Giant Meaningless Circles: You Were Right All Along, Ben.” Then they will go play dodgeball, because the future is a better place.
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250 Posts, Still Can’t Draw

This is the 250th post on Math with Bad Drawings.

That’s a quarter-thousand! It’s double five-cubed! It’s 1/4000 of the way to a million! If posts were days in a pregnancy, this blog is… kinda almost birth-ready! If posts were meters, I’d have walked… to the corner store! If posts were nickels, I’d have… uh, $12.50!

Okay, now that you’re duly impressed, I have a confession: I’ve been hiding comics from you.

Since late 2016, I’ve been posting one-off cartoons to the Math with Bad Drawings Facebook page. I encourage you to “Like” the page so you can see them all. But in case you’re some kind of conscientious objector to social media (if true: thanks for exempting WordPress from your boycott!) here’s a (partial) retrospective collection.20160718093148_00012

I find it funny when people claim that “percentages over 100% are impossible.” They’re not just possible – they’re easy! For example, the United States National Debt is currently 105% of the United States GDP.

Now, how hard is it to rack up a little debt? A trillion here, a trillion there, and it adds up surprisingly fast. Easy.


Not depicted: the graffiti itself, which is also a feeble statistics pun.

(That’s what the purple parent is really mad about, obviously. Puns aren’t even jokes, really; they’re just a lazy mind eating its own language. That’s the real deviancy here.)


And the Sigma’s Greek glare!
The terms added in air!
Gave proof through the night
that our sum was still there…

Oh, say does that star-indexed banner yet wave…

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