Road Signs for Mathematics

8 thoughts on “Road Signs for Mathematics

  1. I am pretty sure there are Elliptic Geometry Zones in the Research Triangle area of NC…there are some decidedly non-Cartesian roads and intersections!

  2. What would be good for Yield? Field?

    Detour/Knight’s Tour?

    Maybe a series for weight limit like speed limit?

    One Way really makes me want some other numbers. sqrt(2) way, 1/2 way, …

    Very fun!

    1. Ooh, I like the idea of variations on the 1-way sign.

      I guess a 1/2 way street would have a lower fractal dimension? Like, Cantor’s ternary set could be an ln(2)/ln(3)-way street?

      Semi-relevant: while driving the other day I passed a “detour” sign with no indication of what it’s a detour from. But then I realized that’s no problem: it’s a detour from pretty much any path!

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