Student Engagement, Method #47

“Let’s start the day with a warm-up.”

“Does anyone have questions about the homework?”

“Please discuss this problem with your partner.”

“In your communism journals, describe the suffering of the proletariat at the indifferent hands of blood-loving capitalists.”

“On the back of the quiz, denounce your parents for perpetuating the fat complacency of the bourgeoisie.”

“Tattoo your neighbor’s forearm with a hammer and sickle. Please use pen, not pencil.”

“Good. Now that I have your attention, let’s talk about parabolas.”

9 thoughts on “Student Engagement, Method #47

  1. My favorite part about this, aside from the part about it being very true, is how much it reminds me of one of those flip books when you scroll down the page very quickly! Thank you for breaking the monotony in my day!

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