In November 2017, as part of a reader survey, I asked: “What other web site do you consider most similar to Math with Bad Drawings?”

I had planned to keep the answers for my own selfish perusal. But several folks asked to know what others said, and as a mere weathervane spinning in the winds of popular opinion, I am powerless to resist. So here you go.

As it turns out, there is a simple answer: xkcd.

Image result for xkcd

In all, xkcd got 150 votes (if you include things like “xkcd?” and “xkcd maybe? but also not really”), ten times more than the runner up. That makes sense. It’s a bit like I held up a 6-inch model of the Statue of Liberty, and asked you what other statues it most reminded you of.

After that, the most popular answers were:

16 votes: Vi Hart’s YouTube Channel (including the beloved and timeless “bored in math class” doodle videos)

10 votes: Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal (a geeky webcomic that hits some real heights of existential bliss and depths of psycho-sexual darkness)

9 votes: Spiked Math (a mathematical webcomic)

Image result for spiked math

6 votes: Wait But Why (a long-form stick-figure-illustrated explanatory blog)

Image result for wait but why

Beyond that, a handful of sites got three votes each:

Numberphile (the royalty of YouTube mathematics)

Roots of Unity (mathematician Evelyn Lamb’s playful, well-written blog for Scientific American)

Image result for evelyn lamb roots of unity

PhD Comics (the gold-standard academia webcomic)

Image result for phd comics

Hyperbole and a Half (the funniest bad-illustrated blog around)

Image result for hyperbole and a half

dy/dan (the blog of math teacher Dan Meyer, fountain of 1000 great ideas and host of 1001 wonderful discussions in the comments)

Image result for dan meyer math 3 act

Awkward Yeti (an adorable webcomic)

Image result for awkward yeti

Here is the complete list of other recommended sites, loosely organized by category, and weeding out the inexplicable ones (the BBC?). Anything that received multiple votes is bolded.

(if you’re here for the jokes)

Brown Sharpie

Abstruse Goose

Surviving the World


The Oatmeal

Existential Comics

Incidental Comics

Unclipped Adventure

Tabula Candida

Green Humour

Yehuda Moon

Gregory Taylor

(if you’re here for the Greek letters)


Infinity Plus One

Geometry Daily

Terry Tao [winner of the “most flattering and ill-fitting comparison I’ll ever get” award]


Better Explained

American Math Society Blogs

Ask a Mathematician

Steven Strogatz

(if you’re here for the teacher chats)

Patrick Honner

Love, Teach

Math Equals Love

Continuous Everywhere But Differentiable Nowhere

Math Education Stack Exchange

(if you secretly prefer video to stick figures)


Minute Physics

Crash Course

(if you are a traitor to math)


Fuzzy Notepad

Coding Horror

Chris Albon’s Machine Learning Flashcards

Live Free or Dichotomize

(if you are a child of the interwebs)

Mathematical Mathematics Memes

Chemistry Cat

Spurious Correlations

(if, unlike the interweb children, you actually like to read things)

Slatestarcodex [runner-up in the “most flattering and ill-fitting comparison I’ll ever get” award]

Ada Palmer

Crappy Pictures

Man of Errors


Calculated Images

Brief Histories of Everyday Objects

Odd Todd

Bad Astronomy

Nicholas Nassim Taleb

Adam Ruben

If you’ve got other suggestions, feel free to leave them in the comments below! Please suggest only others’ sites, not your own – I think a list of endorsements will be more useful for people than a list of classifieds.

UPDATE 11/2020: The folks at Abakcus asked me to pass along the news about their site. Looks like a useful resource for navigating the mathy corners of the world.

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