100-Word Stories

fictions in a hundred words or less
with inspiration from Micro SF/F and A Small Fiction

On a Small Planet

1 - On a Small Planet

The Two Capes

2 - Two Capes

The Layover

3 - Layover


5 - Invisibility

The Enchanted Book

7 - Enchanted Book

In the Waiting Room

8 - In the Waiting Room

Flowers for Louis

9 - Flowers by the Grave

The Self on the Shelf

10 - Past Self

11 thoughts on “100-Word Stories

  1. 100-word stories are called “drabbles”. I used to think this was after Margaret Drabble, the English writer (whom I had confused for a moment with Margaret Atwood, the Canadian writer), but Wikipedia says it’s a Monty Python reference. How disappointing.

    1. Ah, thanks for pointing out – I like the word! Per Wikipedia the fad originated right here in Birmingham, England. But we can call them “Atwoods” if you like; or maybe “Attrees” (being a fraction of an Atwood? or is that a pun too far?).

    1. Yeah! I once tried to write some that were exactly 100 words, each comprising a single sentence, with no word used more than once per story; but they came out (as you might expect) a little too stilted!

  2. Brilliant! Love these. I love your blog although have to admit I rarely understand the mathsy stuff. Words AND numbers – Rare talent!

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