stache 1
Timeless. Elegant. Quadratic.
stache 2
Note: It should approach infinite steepness as it nears your lip.

stache 3
Everyone’s favorite mustache of measure zero.
stache 4
These edges and vertices look good on all faces.
stache 5
Getting triggy with it.
stache 6
Want a cos-‘stache, but prefer to break your face’s bilateral symmetry? I have a suggestion!
stache 7
For the graph theorist who’s handy with a razor.
stache 8
Spouse: “That’s hideous.” You: “C’mon, it’s only a point discontinuity.”
stache 9
A.K.A. “the trivial ‘stache,” “additive identity ‘stache,” and “the spouse-pleaser.”
stache 10
The elemental ‘stache of which all other ‘staches are constituted.
stache 11
Very hard to grow with more than one layer of self-similarity. Even harder to grow with more than one ounce of self-respect.
stache 12
A.K.A. “inverse ‘stache,” “‘stache complement,” and “fuzz-face.”
stache 13
Elegant. Parallel, but not *too* parallel.
stache 14
Spouse: “What’s wrong with you? That’s not normal.” You: “Well, technically…”
stache 15
Absolute value? Indeed. Aesthetic value less clear.
stache 16
Only for the skilled razor-wielder. Or for the teenager whose facial hair grows in *very* strange patches.
stache 17
Eventually extends to any point on your face, with probability 1!
stache 18
A mustache of social consciousness. A.K.A. the “two Hitlers make a positive” ‘stache.

13 thoughts on “Math-staches

  1. Huh. Kinda makes me want to plug my personified math down here, where I’ve been doing similar math hairstyles for over six years now, off and on…. including fractals, though not in that way. Of course, some of the thinking is new to me, and Brownian in particular is rather clever, very nicely done. (I feel the “dual stache” might also look better if you’re Bigfoot…)

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