stache 1
Timeless. Elegant. Quadratic.
stache 2
Note: It should approach infinite steepness as it nears your lip.

stache 3
Everyone’s favorite mustache of measure zero.
stache 4
These edges and vertices look good on all faces.
stache 5
Getting triggy with it.
stache 6
Want a cos-‘stache, but prefer to break your face’s bilateral symmetry? I have a suggestion!
stache 7
For the graph theorist who’s handy with a razor.
stache 8
Spouse: “That’s hideous.” You: “C’mon, it’s only a point discontinuity.”
stache 9
A.K.A. “the trivial ‘stache,” “additive identity ‘stache,” and “the spouse-pleaser.”
stache 10
The elemental ‘stache of which all other ‘staches are constituted.
stache 11
Very hard to grow with more than one layer of self-similarity. Even harder to grow with more than one ounce of self-respect.
stache 12
A.K.A. “inverse ‘stache,” “‘stache complement,” and “fuzz-face.”
stache 13
Elegant. Parallel, but not *too* parallel.
stache 14
Spouse: “What’s wrong with you? That’s not normal.” You: “Well, technically…”
stache 15
Absolute value? Indeed. Aesthetic value less clear.
stache 16
Only for the skilled razor-wielder. Or for the teenager whose facial hair grows in *very* strange patches.
stache 17
Eventually extends to any point on your face, with probability 1!
stache 18
A mustache of social consciousness. A.K.A. the “two Hitlers make a positive” ‘stache.

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