A Guide to Mathematical Emotions



22 thoughts on “A Guide to Mathematical Emotions

  1. A horrifying combination of algebrage and explagony happened to me on my master’s thesis. I thought I had this beautiful little proof for one scenario in my thesis, so I set it aside and moved on. But as I was typing it up, I realized that I was 100% wrong. The reason I thought it worked? A small algebraic error. I believe it was even an insolent quadratic that did it to me!

  2. The National Puzzlers’ League refers to the Foggy Summit feeling as “igibidgi” (pronounced “iggy-bidgy” I think) which is an acronym that stands for “I Got It, But I Don’t Get It.”

  3. Pencil abandonment.

    You have been getting nowhere for days, and in a flash of brilliance you see the answer, but you don’t have the ability to write it down.

  4. This is the FUNNIEST thing I’ve read from you yet! I just cried: I was laughing so hard. Sending this to my geometry students. I think they’re far enough into the semester that they’ll get it.

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