To-Do Complacency

To-Do Complacencynoun – The illusory feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction experienced after creating a to-do list, but before completing any task on it.

9 thoughts on “To-Do Complacency

  1. I don’t know whether I should be ashamed or proud of myself that I have actually written “Write to-do list” as the first item on some of my to-do lists. It does help to make me look almost as productive as the Chinese economy. 🙂

  2. Awesome! So true… I usually feel like crawling under rock and ordering a pizza after making organizing my to do list. 🙂

  3. I live for my to do lists! There is nothing wrong with a little to-do complacency once in a while. Some day, it may become fashionable to paper ones walls with to-do lists, and I will be well positioned.

  4. A fish coated in Tabasco sauce is what I had for dinner. And let me tell you: Tabasco sauce is not the stuff of jokes. Kudos on peanut butter cat, though.

  5. This makes me laugh, I am guilty of so many things along these lines, like mentioned creating a to do list of things already done, or meaningless things like brush teeth, and finishing breakfast.

  6. Bonny: I do that all the time. Sometimes, when I have multiple to-do lists (work, chores, etc.) I’ll have a master initial to-do list for making other to-do lists.

    Jami: Just add the pizza to your to-do list, and you can!

    Beka: That’s a pro move. All the greats seed their to-do lists with already-done items.

    Urban Myth: I tried to write a short story once about a guy whose entire office is covered with sticky notes. It didn’t come out well. But you can live the dream!

    Rachael: You’re right – I should treat spicy foods with the gravity they deserve. I think living with a New Mexican has made me dangerously cavalier about spice.

    MIAH: But brushing teeth and finishing breakfast are so important!

    Kasturika: Well, you should be able to attract lots of foreign investors, then!

    Walt: Ah, I like that one a lot. (As usual, a better artist has already beat me to the joke.)

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