If Euclid Became an Oak



11 thoughts on “If Euclid Became an Oak

  1. More geometry jokes? Here:
    What did the pirate say when his parrot flew away? Polly gone (polygon)
    What is left when triangles get in a car crash? Wrecked angles (rectangles)
    Where do shapes go when they die? to the cemetery (symmetry)

    Funny how much kids like a bad joke when you tell it in class!

    1. Hmm, Diane, that’s not the way things have generally gone in my experience as student or teacher. Bad jokes elicit groans. 1965, 10th grade, Mrs. Conrad, geometry class: “Well, what’s the formula for area of a circle?” Student: “pi r squared.” Mrs. Conrad: “That’s funny, I always thought pie are round.”

      On the other hand, actual spontaneous joke in my class two years ago Me: “So, what would be the ‘illegal’ inputs to this function?” Student (of Mexican heritage): “Actually, we prefer, ‘undocumented.'”

      1. Well, the difference in reaction is probably that I teach elementary school… 4th graders prefer any kind of joke (good or groaner) to no joke and 1st graders like jokes but you usually have to explain them before they know why they are laughing with you.

  2. Dear Sir,

    You chose the wrong drawings for this illustration. The correct ones are listed under “bad pun dog”.

    1. Never mind, I read more than the first sentence and realized that this was not going to be a joke about Euclid and roots. =/

  3. ooh, is it open season on math jokes?

    Which is better a wife or a girl-friend?

    Both, that way when each thinks you are with the other, you have some quiet time to do mathematics.

  4. “If Euclid is a mighty oak, then what are his roots?”
    1.0, 1.4142135623730951, 1.7320508075688772, 2.0, 2.23606797749979, 2.449489742783178, 2.6457513110645907, 2.8284271247461903, 3.0, 3.1622776601683795, 3.3166247903554, 3.4641016151377544, 3.605551275463989, 3.7416573867739413, 3.872983346207417, 4.0, 4.123105625617661, 4.242640687119285, 4.358898943540674, 4.47213595499958, 4.58257569495584, 4.69041575982343, 4.795831523312719, 4.898979485566356, 5.0, …

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