Unfortunate Metaphors for Teaching

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14 thoughts on “Unfortunate Metaphors for Teaching

  1. And for Progressive Education:
    The student’s mind is a free wheeling bird, wandering aimlessly in the sky.
    The teacher’s mind says “Drat! I’m all for this, but sometimes I’d just love to be able to just tell him what to do”.
    Over to you …..

  2. I think this is really accurate, they may be “Bad Drawings” but it brings a good message to students and teachers and bloggers and people in general everywhere.

  3. I feel a lot like rhe teacher throwing knives at the dartboard. This is a great improvement over the garbage disposal approach my daughter’s previous school used.

  4. These are brilliant. The sheep/sheepdog one resonates – a student of mine actually refers to herself as a sheep and I do spend a lot of time barking.

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