Her phone number is pi?

The 314 area code is assigned to greater St. Louis. So someone in Missouri has a phone number that spell out the first ten digits of pi. I bet they get a lot of calls.

Anyway, that got me thinking…

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      1. In fact, there are no 3 digit exchanges beginning with 1. This is because in the old days (and I suppose still in any places that still have 7-digit dialing for local calling), a first digit of 1 meant that you were making a long-distance call and that a total of 11 digits should be expected.

  1. The international country code 31 refers to the Netherlands. Do you have any Nederlander fans who could tell you where the 41 area code (or is it 415?) points to?

      1. I lloked it up in my dutch phonebook. The areacode should have been 415, but there isn’t any in the Netherlands. a pity.

  2. The 415 area code is apparently not (yet) allocated in the Netherlands. If and when it is, it will probably be assigned to a town in the province of North Brabant (which, confusingly, is in the southern part of the country, as the old Brabant was split between the Netherlands and Belgium in 1830). Dutch area codes are two digits in cities with 7-digit local numbers and 3 digits in smaller places with 6-digit local numbers, and they are assigned hierarchically, so all 4x and 4xx area codes are in the south. There is still plenty of room for expansion.

    1. So it sounds like our best hope for a pi phone number is massive immigration into the southern Netherlands.

      I’m up for it if others will join. Anybody?

    2. Belgian Brabant is now divided into Flemish Brabant, French Brabant, and Brussels. Actually, it turns out that North Brabant in the Netherlands and Flemish Brabant in Belgium aren’t even contiguous: the Belgian province of Antwerp (formerly Central Brabant) intervenes. The old Counts of Brabant had very big back yards.

  3. My car’s license plate is E 271828. I’ve been driving it for 5+ years and no one has ever stopped me to mention just how cool it is. What a sad world…

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