Nostalgia, in 5 Graphs

Tomorrow I’m moving away from the Bay Area, the only post-college home I’ve known. It’s been five years of good ice cream, bad pizza, adorable friends, and monotonously beautiful weather. I’m already nostalgic for Oakland, even as I’m excited for the British adventures that lie ahead (and overwhelmed by the boxes of books that gaze pleadingly up at me, hoping I’ll relocate them).

And what better outlet for nostalgia then graph jokes?

First, the chilling inner life of the non-nostalgic person:


Second, the tragic paradox of the nostalgic soul: Continue reading


Three Sentiments (or, Ode to the School Year)

5 - gradingFast year, right? Summer is here. The seniors can be found draped across their desks, exploring stages of hibernation so deep that they are yet uncharted by the medical community. It’s all very festive.

And into this start-of-summer breeze, I’d like to offer three sentiments.

First, guys, let’s be honest. We didn’t always getting along. I assigned too much homework, gave too many quizzes, wrote tests that stumped you. When I relented even slightly, you celebrated like a labor union that had scored a victory against the cigar-smoking management. I pushed you too hard, expected too much, demanded the unfair or even the impossible. This brings me to my first sentiment: Continue reading