Dear Mathematician Who Discovered Me…



9 thoughts on “Dear Mathematician Who Discovered Me…

  1. Dear Hilbert,

    This 5-star accomodation you have provided me has a seemingly never-ending mini-bar. I’ve drunk all the even-numbered spirits and I’m now seeing double. I need a lie down!
    I luv you *hic*
    Hotel Paradox

  2. Dear Zorn,

    Oh, sure. I’m not good enough to be a THEOREM, eh? And I’m just the same as that fancy pants Axiom of Choice. Nice work, cheapskate. Kuratowski beat you to me by thirteen years, so there!

    I got yer maximal element right here,

    “Your” Lemma

  3. Dear Descartes,

    How dare you calling me imaginary.
    It makes me sound trivial, lightweight, a distraction an irrevancy.
    It is not true! I am complex.

    √ -1

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