The Baby Name Book for Variables



12 thoughts on “The Baby Name Book for Variables

  1. I’d love to know what kind of proof required 40+ different variable names!

  2. However, if your function takes in functions as arguments, then you may give them the name “f”, while the function itself might be called Φ or ψ

    1. there are good reasons (sometimes) for writing functions on-the-right (for example). also for surpressing parens. long live x(f)… if that is, in fact, what its author actually *meant*.

  3. Proposition XIV of Archimedes’s Quadratura Parabolae requires a diagram with 25 labelled points. There being only 24 Greek letters, Archimedes invents a new one, apparently a Delta with a cedilla.

  4. On your point about Catherine, that’s becoming a common thing among open-source computer programming frameworks. Case in point: Nancy (, a .Net web framework based on another for a different platform called Sinatra.

  5. how bout cyrillic? or japanese kana? arabic abgad? devanagari? or the best one, chinese characters.

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