How to Tell a Mathematician You Love Them



45 thoughts on “How to Tell a Mathematician You Love Them

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    For all of you who love a numbers person, here are your Valentines <3

    ps – yes, I majored in one of these fields, and worked on a masters in another one of them, so this struck all of my funny bones ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. For “one in a million,” it works during fights, too. When I’m mad at my wife, I tell her she’s one in a million… which means there are 7,000 just like her, and she is easily replaceable. When I’m not mad at her, which is usually the case, I’m the probabilist above and pick a larger N.

  3. Brilliant! I wish I saw this on Valentines’ day. My son would have gotten a kick out of these! I reblogged on African American Parenting. Thanks!

  4. In hyperbolic geometry, wouldnโ€™t a line have infinite parallels? In spherical (parabolic) geometry, a line would have no parallels.

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