Test: Do You Have Test Anxiety?



20 thoughts on “Test: Do You Have Test Anxiety?

  1. The funny thing is that after going through all the questions like this, freaking out along the way, when you return back to the beginning the questions suddenly seem a lot more straightforward. The subconscious brain is a wonderful thing.

  2. I never had test anxiety, but you had to remind me about those dreams where I’m screaming and nothing is coming out! (that’s bad enough — on the other hand I get to fly a lot in my dreams).

  3. Always guess! Never say “I don’t know.” If you are right, you get to pat yourself on the back of what a good guesser you are. If you are wrong, at least it gives you some baseline to correct from.

    Wisdom from Tadashi Tokieda

  4. Made me laugh when I needed it.Been through all these thoughts myself,with tests of varying difficulty.

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