Good Mathematician vs. Great Mathematician




23 thoughts on “Good Mathematician vs. Great Mathematician

  1. I appreciate this blog because the posts here always seem to capture the small details that make maths so amazing… and then relate them profoundly for the subtleties.

  2. A great mathematician incorporates mathematical intuition into their personality and emotions, applying it to completely nonmathematical things. (God-mode mathematician incorporates mathematical rigour into their personality and emotions, solving all of humanity’s problems using math.)

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  6. Por si alguien de clase lee esto, un buen matemático aprueba, el gran matemático suspende porque prefiere jugársela al final.
    Nos mola el riesgo.

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  9. ⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉

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