Good Mathematician vs. Great Mathematician



28 thoughts on “Good Mathematician vs. Great Mathematician

  1. I appreciate this blog because the posts here always seem to capture the small details that make maths so amazing… and then relate them profoundly for the subtleties.

  2. A great mathematician incorporates mathematical intuition into their personality and emotions, applying it to completely nonmathematical things. (God-mode mathematician incorporates mathematical rigour into their personality and emotions, solving all of humanity’s problems using math.)

  3. hmmmm
    a good mathematician enjoys maths
    a great mathematician cannot do anything than love d enjoyment maths brings

  4. Why not just use the bottom half of the pencil. and if you need to erase pick up the top half. or sharping the top half and have both. 🙂 I love your humor.

  5. ⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉⚉

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