The Mathematician’s Haiku Book

a series of 17-syllable definitions
for people who probably already know what the words mean


24 thoughts on “The Mathematician’s Haiku Book

  1. These are delicious !
    Here’s a few more to work on : limit, definition, imaginary, ……..
    Your kids are going to have a wail of a thyme with this.

    1. definition:
      “What is it?” you ask.
      The answer to that would be
      this very haiku.

      Unfortunately, this also happens to be a definition for recursion… oh, well.

  2. Pythagoras’s other observation

    Two consecutive
    triangular numbers sum
    to a perfect square

    (the illustrative cartoon is left as an exercise for the instructor)

  3. I’m trying to find two of your excellent tales in this blog (one was about the “monster”- the derivative- that came by waves; and the other one was a journey through the real line) but I can’t find them!!!

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