15 thoughts on “Status Update from a Frustrated Mathematician

  1. “Perhaps all of existence is but a giant, erroneous equation, and in the final calculus of Armageddon, it all reduces to ‘2=1’.”

    I fear that you have barely scratched the surface of the absurdity that is all of existence.

  2. Try to prove the opposite.
    Put it into set theoretical approach.
    Draw a bigger picture, with all the lines tending away from each other where the paper ends.
    Draw a “big picture”.
    Check the consequences of it’s being true.
    Express it algebraically. Express it purely geometrically. Bring in topology.
    Find a counterexample. Write a program to find a counterexample.

  3. Weirdly, I didn’t write this in response to any particular problem – just a general feeling I thought was worth capturing. And I totally intend to use this as a status update next time I am caught on such a problem… For example, a colleague just nearly convinced me that it’s useful to define a certain event as having probability 2, which is perhaps going to cost me some sleep tonight.

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