cartoons on all your favorite statistical issues!
and some of your favorite non-statistical issues, too!

Tracking the Polls



 User Response Rate


Amazon’s Algorithms


How Do You See Your Fellow Travelers?


Race Against Time

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6 thoughts on “Statisticomics

  1. I love your drawings! Maybe you can rename your blog “Math with hilarious drawings” although maybe that wouldn’t fly because it might come across as presumptuous or something. I guess I as the reader will rename it in my head, because I find your drawings hilarious and good. I particularly enjoyed “How do you see your fellow travelers?” because it is so true. I do see other cars as competitors. I see other cyclists as fellow environmentalists. And I see cars as steel menaces when I’m the pedestrian. 😀

  2. I love the “race against time,” section. It makes me think of the high-stakes testing that students are doing this week. I’ll be sharing this on my face book page for all my teacher friends.

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