The Skeptic’s Horoscope

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22 thoughts on “The Skeptic’s Horoscope

  1. Today I’m going to travel to another city, get a jelly donut, and hit on the first guy I see. And I’ll tell him a math teacher told me to do it.

    There’s gonna be a web series in this…

  2. As a matter of pedantry, Sagittarians should pick a number other than 1, for the division not to fail!

    Anyway, great post! This blog just never ceases to be amazing…

      1. Doesn’t really matter, does it…as you pointed out, they work for any day or any “sign” ; ) The horoscopes that made me chuckle were “Aries”, “Gemini”, “Virgo”, “Libra”, “Scorpio” and “Aquarius”, while I’m partial to the drawing you did for “Cancer”.
        Love your combo of humor and education!

  3. Another method for becoming a genius wizard, conceptually related and suitable for making a fortune:

    Get a list of 1 million addresses (email addresses will do). Send out letters to each person urging them to bet on a specified football, baseball, or basketball game. Half the letters recommend one team, the other half the other. After the game, discard the addresses of people who got the letter that was wrong. Repeat ten times over ten months. At the end, you will have only about 1000 addresses left, but those people will have seen you predict the winning team ten times in a row. Tell them this has been a free sample of your wizardly talents, and offer to sell them a year’s subscription for $99.99.

    1. Ah, I love that scam. (I can’t pretend I didn’t have it in mind when I wrote that last joke.) Quick Google search didn’t turn up any real-life instances, but I have to believe someone out there has gotten caught trying it.

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