One in a Million

8 thoughts on “One in a Million

    1. Nice – I’ve seen one or two of his songs but didn’t know that one. The second verse is a more elegant, rhyming version of this joke!

  1. Okay – so now our family is trying to work out how many people we DO meet in our lives (noting a genetic potential for one side to reach 100). We would include everyone – even if we rule out more than half of them on the basis of gender, age, visa barriers, and familial relationship.

      1. Not as many as you. It was a good estimate of how many people you could come across, but we had to restrict things a lot when we (hubby and I) realised that we had to somehow handle the problem of attending the same events many times in the five years before we actually met – even though his friend married my friend during that time (I wasn’t around for any wedding). It ruled out counting chances from gazing across a crowded room. We ended up with around 100 per year for him, and less for me (small country town for the first 8 years).

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