Ain’t No Party Like a Topologist Party

“I’m worried about Joe. He’s been hitting the Klein bottle pretty hard lately.”
“Well, that explains why he’s totally sober. It’s hard to get much liquid in those things.”

“How’s the new iPhone?”
“Eh—it’s diffeomorphic to the last one.”

“Everybody, back up! Donnie’s going to show us a trick, and he needs six dimensions.”

“Here’s your gift! You’ll never guess what it is.”
“A coffee mug.”

4 thoughts on “Ain’t No Party Like a Topologist Party

  1. I once read a definition of topology (I think it might have been Martin Gardner) as “the science of what you can say about something when you don’t know how big it is.” That got me hooked, I’ve been an avid fan of it ever since.

  2. I solved many problems in modern physics. But I need a topologist to explain my hypotheses/conjectures to physicists. My aol email address is cyberflor.

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