Why I Don’t Trust Anyone’s “Perfect” School Model

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The Arts-Focused

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The Progressive

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7 thoughts on “Why I Don’t Trust Anyone’s “Perfect” School Model

  1. I think you hit all the major models we are inundated as we move to CCSS, this seems to be a very relative topic. Great fun in this post.

  2. themathmaster: Agreed. Education ideology is great, but it always takes flexibility to accommodate the realities of any given community.

    John: I’ll check out the neighborhood school. I was lucky enough to go to some great schools, particularly my public elementary school and my private high school. I find that intelligent leadership and skilled, thoughtful teachers can make almost any school model work – just as aimless leadership and poor teaching can doom almost any school, no matter what the model.

    themodernidiot: Thanks!

    MIAH: I think you’re right about CCSS. It seems like educational reform has often focused on “school models,” but I wonder if the fixation is particularly intense now.

  3. A few years before you came along to teach in Oakland, the charter school had a principal who drove fear deep into every student and teacher’s heart. Even the history teacher who was in the military as a sergeant was afraid of him. He stood in front of the entrance every morning with a cup of hot coffee with a sharp eye. It was believed he sweetened his coffee with a mixture of teacher sweat and student tears.

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