Right Before the Quiz

I’m now passing out the quiz, unless there’s… yes?
1 -

Nice try. You’re just stalling so I’ll have to move the quiz to tomorrow.

a2 -Your guilt trip won’t work. We’re short on time already.

a3 -

You think I’m so desperate for a sign of intellectual engagement that I’ll fall for your obvious ruse? You think I’m so easily played?

a4 -

I mean, maybe we have a minute, at most…
5 -All right, ask it.

8 thoughts on “Right Before the Quiz

  1. I remember the time when, before an announced quiz, we would hope for the teacher to forget about it or to run short of time for the quiz :O) Once a teacher in uni cancelled the quiz and one of my classmates neighed like an ecstatic horse! LOL

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