Change is the Only Constant

Coming October 8th, 2019 is my new book Change is the Only Constant: The Wisdom of Calculus in a Madcap World. Read more about it here.

A vessel into which I have poured my heart, soul, and Leibniz jokes. Now available commercially!

You can preorder a signed copy through venerable Minneapolis bookseller Magers & Quinn. (And yes, they’ll ship internationally!)

It is also available (unsigned yet glorious) at AmazonBarnes & NobleWalmartTargetBooks-A-MillionPowell’s, Indiebound, and wherever bright red books are sold.

Don’t worry, I’ll sign yours better than this one! I always draw a stick figure on signed copies, too.

If you preorder from any store, you can also obtain a free and exclusive signed print through my publisher Black Dog & Leventhal. Just submit your receipt here.

I am so proud of this book, it makes me blush. (The book, as you can see, is blushing too.) It tells the story of calculus through a kind of oral folklore: all the anecdotes, historical moments, and quirky tales that get passed around over tea and beer, but rarely make it into print. I wanted to gather those stories into one place, where anyone could appreciate them, and get at the human truth of calculus.

Also, there’s a homicidal paperclip, a scheming princess, and a dog named Elvis. I think you’ll love it.

Preorders, as you may know, are the lifeblood of publishing, so here are some reasons to preorder:

  1. You’ll get a free signed print (see above), and, if you go through Magers & Quinn, a signed copy.
  2. I will be eternally grateful. (And when a calculus teacher uses the word “eternally,” you know he means business. I’m talking infinite gratitude, folks.)
  3. All preorders count towards first week sales, and are thus huge in determining a book’s commercial success.
  4. I have recently become a father, and would like to buy the best carrot sticks and oatmeal for my new companion.
My new companion! She real small. Hasn’t taken sides in the Newton-Leibniz debate yet, which is probably savvy politics on her part.