Humble Alternatives to Daylight Savings Time

11 thoughts on “Humble Alternatives to Daylight Savings Time

  1. Dragon Savings Time – Get rid of an hour on 23 April to give pesky St George less time to kill dragons

    1. And when clocks came in, clocks were considered less accurate than sundials for that reason!

  2. Isn’t the world confused enough without having to change clock settings every six months? We already have time zones. Aren’t the solar cycles and the phases of the moon good enough for human beings? Nature and animals don’t need clocks at all.

  3. It bothers me slightly that we spend less time on “standard time” than off of it. It is not really the standard, now is it.

    1. Reminds me of something I read somewhere: only 3% of German verbs are “regular,” and some of the “irregular” conjugations are in fact more common than the regular conjugation.

      (So what makes it “regular”? If you coin a new verb, German speakers will spontaneously apply the regular conjugation.)

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